About Us

Future-Proofing the World’s Data in Motion

Quantum Xchange is a company of seasoned enterprise-security professionals excited about the future of security and the principles of quantum mechanics to protect transmitted data.

We’ve invented the first, quantum-safe key distribution system that offers true crypto agility and enables organizations to easily boost their data security posture with quantum-safe key exchange. Then, if desired, they can increase their quantum-protection levels as the threat landscape evolves and new risks associated with advances in computing and mathematics emerge.

No matter which path you choose, or when you begin your journey toward quantum readiness, Quantum Xchange is there to be your trusted partner for protecting data in motion now and in the quantum future.

About Quantum Xchange
Securing the Future
of Data

Our mission is to protect the world’s data from advances in computing, sophisticated hackers, and the inherent vulnerabilities of public key encryption (PKE) and modern-day key management practices.

We do this by offering organizations an immediate, practical entry to quantum readiness that instantly enhances their existing crypto environment, is easy to deploy and maintain, and can scale in lockstep with the threat landscape.

Partners in Preserving Our
Digital World

We believe secure communications and protecting data networks are critical to preserving all aspects of digital life – commerce, infrastructure, national security, privacy, global economies – you name it! No matter when a quantum computer is available, organizations should start to prepare for the pending cryptographic break now. There’s just too much at stake to wait.

We bring a heightened level of protection to any network environment and take the fear, anxiety, or reservation out of quantum preparedness by offering solutions that are elegant in their simplicity, don’t require a PhD in quantum physics, and can be easily deployed across your crypto infrastructure today.

Innovation Grounded in Integrity and Trust

Quantum Xchange strives to be the partner of choice for global organizations on their quest toward quantum readiness.

We don’t take this responsibility lightly. Instead, we reinforce this commitment through an insatiable thirst for innovation; an unflinching ability to listen, respond to, and prioritize the needs of our stakeholders; and by demonstrating value day in, and day out. Integrity and trust permeate throughout everything we do, because we believe strongly that authenticity and reliability are the cornerstone of collective success.

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