Diffie Joins Quantum Xchange’s Advisory Board

In a recent announcement, renowned cryptographer, Dr. Whitfield Diffie, joins the Quantum Xchange’s Advisory Board.  The co-founder of public key cryptography, Diffie said he was attracted to Quantum Xchange’s innovative product offering, respected leadership, and its role in the growing quantum space.

Quantum Xchange’s CEO and President, John Prisco states, “ We are thrilled to welcome Whit Diffie to Quantum Xchange’s board of advisors.” Prisco went on to say that Diffie supports the same vision to protect today’s encryption standards from future threats. Additionally, Prisco said, “Whit’s experience of being first to market will be invaluable to the future success of Quantum Xchange.”

Field the full release here: Power Moves: GoKart Labs promotes a new director of client services, Quantum Xchange bolsters advisory board



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