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Quantum Xchange’s crypto-diverse key delivery system is vendor agnostic and integrates seamlessly with leading cybersecurity products. From high-speed encryptors, to the firewall, key management systems, and security at the network edge, Phio TX brings an immediate and unsurpassed level of protection to any network environment or product offering.

Why Partner with us?

Why Partner with
Quantum Xchange?
  • Extend the life and ROI of legacy encryption
  • Achieve infinitely stronger security with out-of-band key delivery
  • Offer steadfast protection of long-duration data
  • Implement a quantum-agile infrastructure for “greenfield” and network upgrade opportunities
  • Remove single points of failure in cryptography
  • Declare true crypto agility
  • Demonstrate cybersecurity excellence and vision

Technology Alliance/OEM Partners

Leading technology vendors know a good thing when they see it. By partnering with the world’s top innovator of quantum-safe, crypto-diverse key delivery, technology providers can leverage Quantum Xchange’s groundbreaking products to develop, market, and deliver joint solutions that remove the single points of failure in cryptography; better protect data and communication networks; stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape; and are impervious to future threats including quantum attack.


Quantum Xchange provides channel partners with the sales and marketing tools they need to help empower customers with the benefits of out-of-band, quantum-safe key delivery. As a partner, Quantum Xchange is committed to your success, providing technical support, training, and resources from implementation to deployment.

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