Meet the quantum threat with crypto agility. Better protect your data-in-motion instantly. Prepare your existing encryption environment to easily evolve with the threat landscape. Be quantum-safe today and quantum-ready for tomorrow’s threats.

What is Phio TX?

End-to-end encryption is paramount in today’s business world.  The prospect of quantum computers demands an equally powerful, quantum-safe solution to secure critical data and shore up present-day PKE and key management vulnerabilities. But not every organization can afford to rip-and-replace their current encryption infrastructure. That’s why Phio TX is the ultimate solution to achieve an instant and infinitely stronger cybersecurity posture while preparing for the post-quantum world.

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Phio TX’s patent-pending, out-of-band symmetric key delivery extends the life of existing encryption investments by making them immediately quantum-safe and crypto-agile.

Enable a defense-in-depth, or multi-layered approach to your quantum readiness plans by evaluating your risk tolerance and choosing the level of protection you need. The crypto-agile appliance is the first key distribution system to feature both math and physics-based encryption, leveraging the power of all NIST PQC candidate algorithms and supporting quantum keys in any format (QRNG, QKD, PQC).  Phio TX fits seamlessly within your current encryption environment and can be deployed across any network topology for further cost savings.  If QKD is desired, Phio TX overcomes the technology’s previous distance and delivery limitations.

Benefits of TX

Phio TX makes your existing crypto environment immediately quantum-safe, boosting your overall cybersecurity posture. Its flexibility and ease-of-use allows users to easily scale to the quantum-key format best suited to address the threat landscape and the unique data-protection requirements of the organization. 

  • Ease-of-Use & Crypto-Agility
    • Phio TX allows users to harness the power of its patent-pending, out-of-band key delivery without having to modify the setup of the main data link. This allows users to decouple the maintenance of the encryption data channel from ability/desire to deploy other quantum-safe technologies e.g., QRNG, QKD, PQC.
  • Scalability
    • From an IT operations perspective, the user can start with a minimal number of Phio TX nodes with options to grow and improve without having to touch the data path or need to add more dedicated encrypted links — all while utilizing the same key-delivery network.
  • Continuous Key Rotation
    • One of the riskiest corporate security behaviors is to not change crypto keys frequently enough. With Phio TX, the keys are changed on every transfer, adding a new level of security to your network.
  • Key Delivery Over Any Network Media/Combination of Media Types
    • Keys can be delivered over any network media including fiber, wireless, satellite, copper or a combination.

Overcome the Commercial Limitations of Quantum Encryption

While Phio TX was designed to be vendor agnostic and work independently of QKD, enterprises can easily and affordably layer-in, unbreakable QKD to their network if desired.  

Phio TX is a ground-breaking innovation that makes QKD commercially viable for the first time.

Using Phio TX with QKD, point-to-multipoint networks with intelligent routing and out-of-band key delivery are now possible.  This means Phio TX can deliver the enhanced quantum security of QKD in the absence of fiber. Learn more about our Phio QK with Phio TX offering

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Achieving Crypto-Agility and Quantum Readiness with Phio TX

Discover how Phio TX by Quantum Xchange raises the bar for modern-day protection, giving organizations the ultimate solution for secure communications.

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Quantum Xchange Provides a Quantum-Proof Cryptography Solution

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