Quantum Xchange offers a dynamic key-delivery architecture to future-proof the security of your data and communications networks. Our next-generation technology for the distribution of quantum keys allows you to enhance your existing crypto infrastructure today with security best practices, bring the most advanced and highest form of encryption to the network edge, and be quantum-safe from the threats of tomorrow.


Phio Trusted Xchange (Phio TX)

Phio Trusted Xchange (TX) is a groundbreaking, quantum-safe key delivery system that gives organizations of all sizes and scope choice and scalability on their road to quantum readiness.  At the same time the zero-trust architecture addresses the inherent flaws, weaknesses, and known vulnerabilities of classic encryption and popular security protocols. The first-of-its-kind technology supports quantum keys from any source; leverages its patent-pending, out-of-band symmetric key delivery technology to make classical encryption keys instantly quantum-safe; and embraces modern security best practices including continuous key rotation. Combined, these features dramatically enhance the security of your existing crypto infrastructure.

For those seeking quantum-safe key exchange in the cloud, we offer Phio TX-C. Small businesses can also reap the benefits of quantum-resistant data protection with Phio TX-D, bringing the highest form of encryption to the network edge. If QKD is desired, Phio TX is the first technology in the world that can deliver quantum keys across any distance, to multiple transmission points.


Phio Quantum Key (Phio QK)

Partnering with the world’s leading Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) hardware providers, Phio Quantum Key (QK) leverages the properties of physics and quantum mechanics to produce a theoretically unbreakable key so you can transmit data securely from one point to another without fear of eavesdropping or exploit.

When combined with Phio TX, we take QKD to the next level by extending the delivery of the quantum-generated keys to multiple transmission points across any TCP/IP connection. Phio TX leverages the entropy generated from a single Alice to Bob QKD connection and then uses its out-of-band key delivery technology to send the QKD-generated keys to other locations not on the fiber network.  This makes classic QKD practical and affordable.

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Phio Managed Services

Fully Managed Quantum Risk Mitigation

Wherever you are on your journey toward quantum readiness, Quantum Xchange will make sure you get there securely. Whether you need Phio TX or Phio QK with Phio TX for maximum security, you have the options you need to make your data in motion infinitely more secure and quantum-ready. Our experts will help you assess your risk tolerance, determine your data-security requirements, and implement a custom solution that’s right for your business.

Wanted: Quantum Change Agents Needed to Protect the Future of Data

If you’re a cybersecurity professional responsible for the security of data, it’s time to become a change agent within your organization. Improve your quantum literacy, set an organizational plan for quantum readiness, and take action!

Take this two-minute assessment to gauge your baseline quantum IQ and help set your organization on the path to quantum-safe data protection.

“After spending 20 years talking to and reviewing different computer companies for a living, I’ve got a good sense for who will or won’t be around in 10 years. Listening to Quantum Xchange’s plans and what they see as their mission (i.e. to bring quantum hybrid key distribution and networks to more of the world), I know they will become a major player.”

Roger Grimes, IT security columnist and author of the book Cryptography Apocalypse

CIO’s Guide for Implementing Quantum-Safe Key Delivery

Positioning your business for a quantum-secure future

Quantum Xchange has revamped its most popular thought-leadership asset, “CIO’s Guide to Implementing Quantum-Safe Key Delivery.” This guide serves to inform CIOs on how best to keep their data protected, business resilient, and network infrastructure quantum-ready from both present-day vulnerabilities and the looming quantum threat.

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