How Phio Works

Meet the First Commercial Quantum Communication Network in the United States.

Phio by Quantum Xchange secures your critical communications.

Phio leverages the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics— using photons of light, not electronic bits, to physically transfer a shared secret between two entities.

This solves the fundamental problem with modern-day encryption: the ability for keys to be intercepted, corrupted, or exposed during transmission.


Our Quantum Fiber Network

The initial leg of Phio connects Wall Street with back-office operations
in New Jersey. Learn more about our growing fiber network.

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The Trusted Node network system

While QKD systems are currently the only certified quantum-safe key systems available today, the range limitations of standard QKD makes it impractical to use over long distances. The Trusted Node network system from Quantum Xchange alleviates the range issues of standard QKD to provide practical, certifiable key management over a wide-area network that is unbreakable against quantum computing now and in the future.

how phio works

Quantum Xchange Trusted Node

Go the distance

The Quantum Xchange Trusted Node is composed of two or more conventional QKD system endpoints located within a common secure housing. As long as a continuous path of Trusted Nodes links two widely separated endpoints, those endpoints can still share quantum-derived key information over this much longer path. Between consecutive nodes, key information is protected by the same quantum mechanisms as in a singular QKD system. While within a node, key information is protected by encryption with locally-generated keys and a secure boundary that prevents tampering.  And since a Trusted Node can include a number of QKD endpoints, the network topologies that can be realized by the Trusted Node are essentially limitless.

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How quantum encryption works - quantum networks
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Quantum Xchange-as-a-Service

Quantum Xchange has the ability to offer quantum key encryption on the first commercial QKD-as-a-Service quantum network in the United States. Separate from an enterprise’s fiber data network, customers retain absolute control and visibility over their encryption keys and mission-critical data using the Quantum Xchange fiber quantum network. Quantum keys for different clients are multiplexed over a common optical fiber to reduce the total cost of the solution.

Customer data is sent over separate links, with both key and network redundancy built into the solution.

Wondering what Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is and some of its core benefits?

how phio works

QKD uses the quantum properties of single photons to exchange bits between two locations.

how phio works

QKD keys are derived from the exchanged quantum information.

how phio works
QKD security is proven: security is based on the laws of physics, not on difficult math problems.
how phio works

Any attempt to intercept the key is detected because of a change in the quantum state. Corrupted keys are rejected.

how phio works
Keys can be made truly random, unlike conventional PKI keys, and are not susceptible to future computational hacking.
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