Why Quantum Xchange?

Stronger Data Security Today.
Quantum-Safe Protection from Future Threats.

There’s no arguing that the arrival of quantum computers will fundamentally change how organizations secure their most sensitive data. Shor’s algorithm proved that large prime numbers – that math that forms the underpinnings of today’s Public Key Encryption (PKE) – can be quickly factored by a quantum computer, leaving much of the world’s data, commerce, and digital economies exposed and at risk.  

While there is much debate on when a quantum computer will be available, present-day PKE suffers from weaknesses and vulnerabilities beyond the quantum threat. The conventional method for protecting data in motion, PKE pairs encryption keys and data together. An attacker needs only to compromise one connection to obtain secret information. There must be a better way.

Look no further than Phio TX™ from Quantum Xchange.

Why Quantum XChange
Answering Present-Day Challenges with Next-Generation Key Delivery

Quantum computing represents the next great computing paradigm and will require equally powerful next-generation security solutions for protecting data and communications networks. Quantum Xchange has answered the call with Phio TX and its ability to strengthen encrypted data transfer with out-of-band symmetric key delivery. This means it can make existing keys quantum-safe without introducing significant changes to your existing security infrastructure.  

Because Phio TX separates the data and key delivery channel, a brute-force attack is nearly impossible. Combining keys delivered inline by traditional methods and out-of-band with quantum-safe key delivery allows for unobtrusive deployment on existing networks. At the same time, it boosts the encrypted channel’s resistance to attack thereby increasing your overall cybersecurity posture. 

With Quantum Xchange’s Key Delivery Infrastructure You Avoid:

Why Quantum Xchange

SSL scraping attacks – harvest today, decrypt tomorrow

backdoors and vulnerabilities

Potential backdoors and yet-to-be discovered vulnerabilities

PKI vulnerabilities

PKI vulnerabilities

quantum computer transfer methods

Nullification of public/private key transfer methods by a quantum computer

crypto infrastructure

Costly and disruptive replacement of current crypto infrastructure

avoid low entropy of public keys

Low entropy of public keys

“Quantum Xchange recognized early that defensive quantum technologies were being largely ignored by technology heavyweights focused on the race for quantum computer supremacy… I am confident that their solution can protect organizations before we are faced with the consequences of quantum computing power.”

Dr. Whitfield Diffie, Co-inventor of public key cryptography and Turing Award Winner

Security upgrades can be expensive and disruptive. For most, a gradual approach to quantum readiness is desired, one where organizations can take incremental steps in the direction of quantum safety based on risk tolerance, specific data-security requirements, or other business drivers. Phio TX from Quantum Xchange gives companies choice and an affordable, crypto-agile infrastructure to easily upgrade defenses as the threat landscape evolves.

From making classical keys quantum-safe to deploying post-quantum crypto (PQC), Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG), or unbreakable Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) across any distance to multiple transmission points, Quantum Xchange is your one-stop destination and trusted partner for securing your data in motion today and in the quantum future. 

Phio TX Offers a Wide Range of Data-In-Transit Security

  • Makes existing keys quantum-safe 
  • Extends your crypto infrastructure into the quantum era
  • Technology is easy to deploy and maintain
  • Works within your existing environment across any network media
  • Offers gradual approach to quantum readiness 
  • Mitigates any yet-to-be-discovered risks or performance issues with PQC
  • No rip-and-replace
  • Works within your existing crypto infrastructure
  • Doesn’t require the purchase of dedicated fiber 
  • Can be deployed across any network media 
  • Improves your cybersecurity posture for immediate ROI
  • Extends your crypto investment into the quantum era
  • Offers a cost-friendly approach to quantum readiness
  • Offers true crypto agility with support for keys in any format: PQC, QKD, QRNG, or combination
  • Load balanced and fault-tolerant with multi-path key routing
  • Select level of security based on risk requirements or deploy defense-in-depth countermeasures
  • Incorporate QKD at any time for critical segments 
  • Can be deployed today to protect data communications from existing and future quantum threats

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