Quantum Xchange’s Key Management Play for Quantum Crypto

Get recommendations on how to prepare for quantum cryptography

While it may seem that quantum computing is still a way off from hitting the market, threat actors are preparing for it now by holding on to stolen encrypted data in anticipation of the commercial availability of quantum computers.

The OMDIA report, “Quantum Xchange’s Key Management Play for Quantum Crypto,” details what enterprises and vendors need to know:

  • Quantum computing threatens current encryption
  • There are two routes to quantum safety
  • Quantum Xchange addresses QKD’s shortcomings
  • Phio TX also expands Quantum Xchange’s addressable market

OMDIA recommends a gradual approach and believes that Quantum Xchange’s Phio TX enables companies to plan small incremental steps in the direction of quantum cryptography.

Whether you opt for QKD, PQC, or a hybrid arrangement that leverages both technological approaches, your organization can benefit from Phio TX’s secure key transmission, even while you’re in the process of investigating the competing ways to achieve quantum safety.


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