How to Avoid TLS Harvesting and SSL Scraping Attacks with Phio TX

Current Public Key Encryption (PKE) systems, i.e. TLS/SSL are rife with vulnerabilities. This conventional method for protecting data in motion has encryption keys and data traveling together. An attacker needs only to compromise one connection to obtain secret information. Quantum Xchange believes there’s a better way.

In this brief 3-minute video, see how Phio TX from Quantum Xchange uses its patent-pending out-of-band-key delivery to avoid TLS harvesting attacks. With Phio TX you can easily shore up your existing crypto infrastructure and be ready for Q-Day, the day when a quantum computer breaks PKE.

If you have long shelf-life data that needs protecting, why wouldn’t you want it to be quantum-safe today? Phio TX is a simple and highly scalable network overlay for protecting data-in-motion today and against tomorrow’s quantum threat. See how it works. 

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