Prepare your existing encryption environment for the quantum threat while seamlessly scaling to address quantum readiness with QKD at any time, across any distance, between multiple transmission points.

What is Phio TX?

End-to-end encryption is paramount in today’s business world, and the prospect of quantum computers demands a quantum-safe solution to secure critical data. But not every organization is ready for QKD now. That’s why Phio TX is the ultimate solution to prepare for a post-quantum world.

Phio TX’s patent-pending, out-of-band symmetric key delivery capabilities extends the life of existing encryption investments by making them quantum-ready today, and preparing them for QKD later on.

Evaluate your risk tolerance and choose the level of protection you need: advanced end-to-end, out-of-band key delivery, quantum cryptography via QKD, or a combination of both–all resistant to quantum attack. Phio TX fits seamlessly within your current encryption environment and can provide quantum-safe key exchange via point-to-multi-point transmission across any distance.

quantum communication network

Benefits of TX

Phio TX allows you to make your existing encryption environment quantum safe now — with the ability to add quantum readiness with QKD as the need arises, at any time.

  • Choose desired quantum protection levels based on risk tolerance
    • Advanced out-of-band key delivery with multiple crypto options and/or
    • Point-to-multi-point QKD with no distance limitations
  • Operates seamlessly with existing crypto and networks infrastructures
    • Extends the life of existing encryption by making them quantum ready now
    • Enterprises can easily and affordably layer in QKD at any time
  • Enables quantum-safe interoperability between fiber and non-fiber locations
    • Extends unparalleled security over any TCP/IP link
    • Independent network key distribution virtually eliminates quantum hacking threat

Making QKD Go the Distance

Phio TX is a ground-breaking innovation. For the first time ever, QKD is commercially viable.

Phio TX enables network key distribution that virtually eliminates the quantum hacking threat. Point-to-multipoint networks with intelligent routing and out-of-band key delivery are now possible, which means Phio TX can deliver the enhanced quantum security of QKD in the absence of fiber.

Buyer’s Guide for Quantum-Safe Communication

Learn more about how Phio TX and QKD can fit into your existing encryption protocol and protect your organization against quantum attacks.

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