Why Quantum Xchange?

Stronger Data Security Today.
Quantum-Safe Protection from Future Threats.

Next-generation computing power isn’t needed to break encryption. It’s successfully happening right here and now.

Many factors contribute to encryption weaknesses and create single points of failure ready for exploitation by cybercriminals or state-sponsored actors.

Future-forward organizations recognize these common occurrences introduce undo risk into their environments. They also understand the Information Age of Computing will soon give way to the Quantum Age, and with that the need to replace legacy encryption with quantum-resistant algorithms.

Combat everyday cryptographic vulnerabilities and ensure your critical data keeps traveling securely with solutions from Quantum Xchange.

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Overcoming Individual Points of Weakness to Achieve a Stronger Security Posture

Single points of failure (SPoF) in encryption can wreak havoc when left unaddressed. In our eBook, we spotlight popular SPoF and how to overcome them.

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Changing encryption is hard, disruptive, and resource intensive. It can require modifying or replacing libraries, validation tools, hardware, operating systems, application code, device protocols, and user/administrative procedures – on every network node. This leads to disruptions, downtime, and lost productivity.

For most, a gradual approach is desired, one where organizations can take incremental steps in the direction of quantum safety based on risk tolerance, specific data-security requirements, or other business drivers. Begin your post-quantum migration with networking monitoring, cryptographic discovery, and risk assessment tool CipherInsights from Quantum Xchange.

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Why Quantum XChange
Answering Present-Day Challenges with Next-Generation Key Delivery

Strong security defenses must be diversified at every layer to remove as many failure points as possible. With Phio TX, organizations can dynamically, stack, switch, mix and deliver quantum-safe keys across any network media type, anywhere on the planet, with no network interruptions or downtime.

Organizations won’t always know which part of a cryptographic stack has been defeated and how, but it won’t matter if the cryptography is sufficiently diversified and the infrastructure agile.

Embrace CryptoDiversification™ by Phio TX™ – a diversified portfolio of current and post-quantum encryption technologies.

Quantum Xchange is delivering the future of encryption by enabling full cryptographic visibility, agility, and management.

Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography

Watch Quantum Xchange's informative webinar on crypto discovery and other preparation considerations for the inevitable replacement of PKE with quantum-resistant cryptography.

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