Protect Your Data from Whatever
Threat Awaits

Encryption is everywhere and taken for granted. 

Encryption is routinely broken, yet few organizations have a corporate policy in place to govern confidential and secure communications. Most organizations blindly follow decades-old cryptographic methods, or at best, define a certificate management policy that fails to set minimum standards for cryptographic resiliency. 

The future of encryption will require organizations to execute a corporate cryptographic policy that:

  • Introduces redundancies in the cryptographic stack.
  • Removes single points of failure common to modern-day encryption practices, i.e., software bugs, weak entropy sources, poor programming skills, implementation errors, lack of key rotation, etc.
  • Embraces crypto-diversification and utilizes a crypto policy management platform to ensure the enterprise evolves in lockstep with the threat landscape and shifting business requirements. 
We call this future-forward, risk-averse approach CryptoDiversification and it’s enabled by Phio TX from Quantum Xchange.
Stack. Switch. Deliver.

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Avoid falling victim to any one software bug, flaw, leaked certificate,
or PQC algorithm.
Harden your crypto infrastructure to protect against
present-day threats and future attacks.

While a quantum attack gets all the headlines, a bug in the library you are using today may pose just as big a threat—and sooner. Follow the blog series to learn how to avoid single points of failure in cryptography.

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