Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Celebrating 20 Years with 20 Resources

October marks the 20th year of Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Quantum Xchange is pleased to support its efforts by helping promote awareness and by sharing our knowledge and resources. In this blog post, we’ve included links to 20 resources – opinion pieces, blog posts, collateral, videos, etc. – to help organizations better prepare their network infrastructures from today’s threats and tomorrow’s quantum attack.

In 2003, the National Cyber Security Alliance and the Department of Homeland Security joined forces to establish Cybersecurity Awareness Month to raise awareness about the significance of cybersecurity. Each year a new theme is chosen, with the 2023 theme being, “Secure Our World,” reminding internet users that there are simple ways to secure our information, our families, and our businesses when browsing and using the internet.

For government agencies and commercial businesses, rethinking how you monitor and manage cryptographic risk in the enterprise can be an easy way to ensure your data and communications links stay safe.

Many opt for point-and-scan crypto-monitoring solutions, but these are limited to analyzing encryption on endpoints only, leaving the user with blind spots including encryption between endpoints, encryption used by external third parties or cloud applications. CipherInsights from Quantum Xchange, however, is a sensor-based passive network monitoring tool that analyzes encryption on the wire itself – both inbound and outbound traffic. See how it works in this brief video and download the data sheet and new compliance brief.

It’s been one year since we announced the launch of our video series, Crypto Convos: Informative Discussions. Diverse ExpertiseHost Vince Berk, Chief Strategy Officer at Quantum Xchange candidly chats with a distinguished guest on the cybersecurity topics of the day. We’ve had several heavy hitters on the program including Cisco’s former Chief Security and Trust Officer John Stewart, Retired Admiral Mike Rogers, Roger Grimes of KnowBe4 and Adam Gordon of ITPROTV.

If you’re a fan of podcasts, Vince recently switched hats moving from host to featured guest on the popular podcast Cybersecurity Awesomeness hosted by EMA analysts Chris Steffen and Ken Butler. Have a listen to Episode 24 on how enterprises can get quantum ready.

Vince continues to lend his expertise and opinion to the readers of Forbes. Here’s the top 5 most read articles he’s authored over the past year:

Quantum Xchange likes to inform, educate, and differentiate using the concept of CryptoDiversification enabled by our product Phio TX. The argument goes like this: crypto-agility is reactive. The swift changing or swapping of encryption algorithms happens only after a breach occurs or vulnerability is found. It leaves organizations susceptible to a crypto monoculture and single points of failure in cryptography. Instead, organizations should look to diversify their portfolios with current and post-quantum encryption technologies, redundancies at every level, and an ability to apply policy through software quickly and decisively.

That concludes our 20 links for 20 years. Do check out our full News & Resource section for more useful assets on the company, the market, and the future of encryption. Enjoy and spread the word #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth, #BeQuantumSafe

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