Doing Our Part During Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month: a time to reinvigorate efforts to enhance cybersecurity both at work and at home. The stakes get higher every year as more of our high-value data moves around, across the Internet and into the cloud. When you consider the development of quantum computers, the stakes get higher still. 

Taken from the CISA website, “this year’s theme is ‘See Yourself in Cyber’ an effort to — demonstrates that while cybersecurity may seem like a complex subject, ultimately, it’s really all about people. This October will focus on the people part of cybersecurity, providing information and resources to help educate CISA partners and the public, and ensure all individuals and organizations make smart decisions today and in the future.”

Quantum Xchange believes part of the national cybersecurity awareness dialogue should include a general understanding of the impact quantum developments will have on the security of our communications and data networks and the role humans will play. As the global digital economy prepares for the greatest cryptographic transition in the history of computing, replacing legacy encryption with post-quantum cryptographic (PQC) algorithms, humans will be responsible for its success and its failings. Encryption fails all the time, and it’s not because of advance computers or mathematics. Programmer error is usually to blame. According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 82% of breaches involved the human factor.

For its part, Quantum Xchange has several activities planned to help raise awareness and motivate immediate action toward quantum safety and helping remove single points of failure common to modern-day encryption practices including those caused by the human factor, i.e., poor programming skills, software bugs, weak passwords, implementation errors, etc. 

We are a sponsor of the IQT Quantum Cybersecurity Conference, Oct. 25-27 in New York City. There, our executives and thought leaders will participate in the following panel discussions: 

  • Building Quantum-Safe Strategies for the Enterprise, Oct. 25 at 4:25 p.m. featuring Vince Berk, Chief Strategy Officer.
  • The Quantum-Safe Workforce, Oct. 27 at 3:45 featuring Chief Finance and Operations Officer Holly Neiweem. 
  • Quantum Safe as an Opportunity for the Cybersecurity Industry, Oct. 27 at 4:30 featuring CEO Eddy Zervigon. 

Each week in October, our Chief Strategy Officer Vince Berk will share a survey question via LinkedIn – a crowdsourced, temperature check on various enterprise cryptography issues. At the end of the month, we will share the results via an informative infographic and resource-heavy blog post. The month of October will also see an uptick in social media assets including video “sizzle reels” and new web pages devoted to crypto-diversification and quantum readiness. 

Lastly, we are excited to launch a new video series we’re calling Crypto Convos: Informative Discussions. Diverse Expertise. The monthly podcast series will be hosted by Vince Berk and feature a distinguished guest to candidly discuss current events, the evolving threat landscape, and new methods for keeping critical data protected, business resilient, and network infrastructure future-proof and quantum-ready. Be on the lookout for future recordings with Ret. Admiral Mike Rogers, Adam Gordon of ITProTV, and Rohit Sethi, CEO of Security Compass among others. 

If you have a topic suggestion or would like to be a guest on Crypto Convos, please send an email to or complete the contact form here.  

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