Phio TX Inventor Shares His Favorite Features in Version 2.0

Quantum Xchange released version 2.0 of the Phio Trusted Xchange (TX) appliance this week. As the first quantum-safe key exchange that provides crypto agility and defense-in-depth countermeasures in a single package, Phio TX is a crypto game-changer. By uniting the physics approach of quantum keys with the math approach of post-quantum crypto algorithms, this first-of-its-kind appliance takes the guess work out of choosing a quantum-safe strategy for today’s enterprises.

Phio TX version 2.0 introduces a graphical user interface (GUI) or “single pane of glass” view into the routing and transmission of quantum keys throughout the enterprise. Security administrators can easily see where keys are traveling, what type of keys are being transmitted, volume of keys, and their transmission frequency. This dynamic, real-time intelligence allows users to easily monitor load balancing and diverse key routing and quickly react to the happenings of the hive for improved performance and data-security optimization.

We asked Quantum Xchange CTO and Phio TX inventor Gene Savchuk to share with us what he feels are the top 5 features of the new GUI and why security administrators will care.

  1. All Nodes Lead to the GUI. Any Phio TX node in the hive can be configured to present the GUI and retrieve a complete picture of events. This eliminates the need for a separately managed monitoring console or network access to every node. The Phio TX GUI is accessible by web browser or mobile device.
  2. Quantum Key Management Made Easy. By presenting the happenings of the hive visually, users can easily see everything that’s going on and quickly react for better key management. For example, if a node is disabled the admin can quickly see the new routing. This guarantees continuous key rotation is taking place and optimal security maintained.
  3. Intelligence at Your Fingertips: Like the beforementioned benefit, real-time intelligence gathering gives security administrators a 24/7 view into what encryptors are most active, what routes are most used, what network links are down – for better overall performance management and optimization of both Phio TX and axillary technology in use.
  4. Customization is King. Phio TX can be configured to address the needs of a given organization. The Phio TX GUI also offers users choice when it comes to preferred dashboard color scheme and the GUI can be accessed by web browser or mobile device.
  5. Cost Savings. Most of the features listed above pass cost savings along to the endusers. Savings are achieved by eliminating the need to purchase new hardware e.g., separate monitoring console. Better key management saves an organization on time and resources that can be reallocated to revenue-generating activities. And better insights into how technology is performing can save on future maintenance and/or equipment costs.

Phio TX version 2.0 is available for purchase immediately and is sold as an individual appliance or managed service. For more information, see the press release or visit the Phio TX product page.


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