Meet Our New CEO: Eddy Zervigon

We are excited to introduce our new Chief Executive Officer and board member, Eddy Zervigon. With a customer-focused mindset and fully transparent and collaborative leadership style, Eddy joins us with a deep understanding of what it takes to build a successful business. He’s spent the bulk of his career at Morgan Stanley and Riverside Management Group investing and assisting companies through strategic, financial, and operational change across a broad range of industries, resulting in successful exits for employees and shareholders alike.

When asked what his greatest professional achievement to date has been, Eddy shares, “Helping companies like DigitalGlobe and Bloom Energy go from a dream and a business plan to multi-billion-dollar businesses, while leaving a positive impact on all stakeholders.”

Working with a company from its humble beginnings to industry trailblazer is something Eddy envisions for Quantum Xchange, where he sees a lot of similarities between the companies he has worked with in the past. All have created a technically innovative and unrivaled product offering. And each started with a skilled team of professionals who will work tirelessly with customers to ensure their needs are met and expectations exceeded.

“Throughout my career, companies who can transcend a revenue-generating mindset to offer a more meaningful contribution to society have interested me most – organizations with high-consequence missions. Quantum Xchange certainly meets this criterion by helping commercial enterprises and government agencies protect the encryption that secures passwords, user accounts, data, financial transactions, and every other aspect of digital life from a quantum computer in malicious hands.”

With these lessons fresh in mind, Eddy’s future vision for Quantum Xchange is grounded in the company’s superior technology, experienced people, and trusted partners.

“We must continue to build brand awareness, win market share in key industries (finance, telco and government), and fully leverage our first-to-market status in the U.S.  As we continue to lead and innovate on our product offering, we must also embark on an aggressive quantum literacy campaign, helping key decision-makers within corporations and government institutions fully understand the quantum threat and what’s at stake if they don’t act now.”

Outside the office, Eddy enjoys golf and spending time with his wife and two children. He is a self-proclaimed audiophile with a penchant for 80’s hair bands and 60’s era bebop jazz. As journalist and radio host Colleen Murphy once said, “My record collection probably tells the story of my life better than I could in words.”

Check out Eddy’s appointment announcement in our newsroom. Welcome to the Quantum Xchange family, Eddy!

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