Quantum-Safe VPNs are Gaining Momentum and Making Headlines

If you follow Quantum Xchange, you might recall our new product introduction – the Phio TX Model D (Phio TX-D) – launched on April 6, 2021. The edge device, which leverages the same quantum-safe out-of-band key delivery technology found in the flagship product Phio TX, is designed to deliver quantum-safe Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for smaller locations or deployments. In addition, large, sophisticated networks looking to test the quantum-safe waters can also benefit from the economic-friendly solution that provides unparalleled security for protecting data in motion today, and a future-proof solution that addresses the emerging threat of quantum computing.

As the volume of information being disseminated about quantum computing increases, so too is the amount of focus being placed on quantum-safe networking applications. Quantum Xchange has been at the forefront of these developments for years and it now seems that a broader trend of quantum-safe awareness is emerging.

For example, one large enterprise who sees the advantage of quantum-safe VPN is Verizon. The network communications giant and early adopter of quantum technologies issued a press release announcing the results of a recent trial, where they successfully tested how a quantum-safe VPN could replace current public key encryption methods to establish encryption keys using Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC). This is the second such announcement by the communications giant, the first highlighted their U.S. QKD test pilot here. In addition, British Telecom the British counterpart to US-based Verizon has also been actively engaged in similar endeavors

As the leading innovator in quantum-safe communications technology, Quantum Xchange’s Phio TX system, including the Model D quantum-safe VPN, supports quantum keys from any key-generating source or delivery method (QKD, PQC, QRNG or a combination), across any network media with no distance limitations. It supports all PQC candidate algorithms – meaning, customers can change PQC algorithms without disturbing their networks. If desired, enterprises can even begin with PQC then eventually add QKD with no changes needed to the underlying infrastructure.

Industry First Alert – Transatlantic Delivery of Quantum Keys Without Fiber
While Verizon’s quantum-safe VPN trial and BT’s proof of concept are both a positive preview of how quantum technologies are being embraced by industry, Quantum Xchange believes an equally, if not more historic accomplishment also warrants mention – specifically, how Phio TX was used to achieve the successful transatlantic delivery of quantum encryption keys – well beyond the distance limitations of terrestrial QKD systems. A truly pivotal turning point for the future of data encryption. 

Here’s what we mean. If a customer opts for classic QKD for a pair of highly secure locations, Phio TX can take QKD technology to the next level by extending the delivery of the quantum-generated keys to multiple transmission points across any TCP/IP connection. Phio TX leverages the entropy generated from a single Alice to Bob QKD connection and then uses its out-of-band key delivery technology to send the QKD-generated keys to other locations not on the fiber network.  What’s more, while QKD based quantum-entropy is an option, it is not a requirement. Alternatively, if an enterprise chooses to use quantum-entropy in the form of a QRNG, these keys too can be supported by Phio TX and delivered anywhere in the world over a TCP/IP connection. And if the customer prefers the security of NIST’s PQC candidate algorithms, Phio TX can accommodate those as well. Indeed, based on the enterprise’s preference, all of these technologies can be deployed simultaneous on the same Phio TX platform providing the ultimate in crypto-agility and defense-in-depth countermeasures. 

Source: ZDNet, “Quantum Key Distribution Could Seal the 5G Rift with China, Say Engineers” May 21, 2021 by Scott Fulton

VPNs surged in 2020 following work-from-home mandates in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. Most experts agree that remote worksites and flexible workspaces will persist after the pandemic recedes, underscoring the importance of using strong cryptography to protect sensitive information in transit today and when a quantum computer arrives. Check out our guest blog post, “Quantum Xchange and Fortinet Take a Quantum Leap Forward with Next-Generation Secure VPNs,” featured on the Fortinet Community Site here.

Quantum Xchange has removed the adoption barriers to ultra-secure quantum encryption and created a next-generation technology for the distribution of quantum keys available as a physical appliance, cloud deployment, or VPN. Learn more about the Phio TX solution and quantum-safe VPN capabilities here or request a product demonstration today.

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