Three-Pronged Strategy for a Successful Post-Quantum Migration: Pillar #3 – Advantage

With awareness and anticipation under our belts, the third and final post from The Great Crypto Migration excerpt series, explores how organizations can deploy a crypto-agile management platform like Phio TX from Quantum Xchange to help ease their crypto migration efforts and future-proof their network infrastructure for the quantum era. 


In Fact Based Insight’s Quantum Internet Outlook 2022 report, author and quantum technology analyst David Shaw points out, “Business adopters planning to start work on their post-quantum migration strategies may wish they had begun to act sooner. Expert resources are a scarce commodity and are set to become more so.” 

To help overcome the lack of expert resources, organizations should get a jump on their post-quantum planning and execution by identifying technology partners that have the expertise, resources, and first-hand experience deploying next-generation, quantum-safe technologies. 

As mentioned previously, there are solutions that exist today that not only leverage quantum security for future-oriented capabilities but simultaneously solve for present-day vulnerabilities like ransomware or man-in-the-middle, brute force, and harvesting attacks. 

These next-generation crypto solutions, like Phio TX from Quantum Xchange, not only feature the crypto agility, interoperability, and scalability needed for the great crypto migration, but also embraces modern-day security best practices such as keys being continuously rotated, dynamically routed, and ephemeral. To meet probable audit and regulatory mandates, Phio TX offers future-forward features including a comprehensive view, and record, of when keys are exchanged between devices and how.

Only by decoupling key generation and delivery from data transmissions can organizations achieve true crypto agility. With Phio TX’s fault-tolerant, out-of-band key delivery architecture in place, users can easily scale or change defenses as the computing landscape evolves and new threats emerge. The system was built for resiliency and diversification. It does not require the replacement of existing algorithms, equipment, or network infrastructure and does not degrade network performance or reliability in any way. Users can change PQC algorithms with no interruptions to the business. If desired, they can begin with PQC then eventually add QKD with no changes needed to the underlying infrastructure, no fiber required, and no limitations on key delivery. 

Proactively defend your organization from the inevitable by hardening your networks now so quantum hackers are forced to look elsewhere for easier targets. Investing in quantum-safe cyber defenses early will ensure you avoid the high cost of system obsolescence, immediately improve your overall cybersecurity posture, and demonstrate you are a security-forward organization with customer trust, business resiliency, and network stability top-of-mind.

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