Join Quantum Xchange at Fortinet’s 16th Annual Fast & Secure, June 7-9 in Madrid

Join Quantum Xchange at the 16th Annual Fast & Secure event in Madrid, June 7-9. The objective of Fortinet’s annual flagship event is to help EMEA-based service providers remain relevant in a highly competitive market as they must constantly transform and innovate. 

Stop by the Quantum Xchange booth to see how our crypto-agile management platform, Phio TX works with any network infrastructure – legacy, VPN, SD-WAN – to instantly upgrade these technologies with quantum-safe encryption, policy control, and management. 

Contact Fabien Adouani, VP of Business Development ( to schedule 1:1 time at the show and to see first-hand how Phio TX was designed for resiliency bringing quantum-safe security as a service to every data link, interconnect, and VPN tunnel.

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