23 Tech Predictions for 2020 with Inc.

The new year foresees new challenges and milestones in the technology industry, and quantum encryption strategies are a vital contributor to this. Quantum Xchange President and CEO John Prisco recently shared insight with Inc.com in their article covering emerging trends the tech world will face this year by sharing his thoughts in prediction #3. He broke down how Google’s achievement of quantum supremacy has kicked off the race to develop more quantum computers, prompting competing technology companies to step their games up. In a world where knowledge is shared every second of the day, 2020 may be the last year where researchers are eager to swap findings on quantum encryption and engineering processes. Prisco predicts that at least one quantum computer hardware maker acquisition will occur by the end of the year, and that major computer companies will take part in a competition to recruit the best teams possible to get the job done.  

To read the full interview with Inc.com, click here.


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