Crypto Protection Prioritization is Necessary Now

Recent announcements of quantum supremacy have prompted discussions on the urgency of crypto protections. In a Government Computer News (GCN) article, industry contributor and Quantum Xchange CEO, John Prisco discusses the importance of an in-depth strategy to defend US national security and its people. While today’s sensitive data becomes a target of future quantum attacks, there are data protections available now that can protect against such threats. 

According to Prisco, “There is a misconception that because quantum computers aren’t yet available, there’s no real threat to our data. That’s just not true.” He went on to say that countries like China, have been harvesting and stockpiling stolen data from US agencies for years. Once China and others like them, have quantum capabilities, it will be easy for them to unlock stolen data and compromise governments and companies around the globe. 

While some data will be lost to attacks, future data can be protected from quantum attacks with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). Based on quantum mechanics, QKD is not vulnerable to quantum computers like traditional cryptography. In the article, Prisco makes a strong point on why the US should develop and deploy both quantum-resistant algorithms (QRA) and QKD. He went on to say, “Only a defense-in-depth approach, or a combination of both QKD and QRA, can adequately address the problems we face from quantum computers.”

Other countries aren’t wasting any time on their own versions of a quantum crypto defense. Billions of dollars are invested globally in lab research to protect and preserve sensitive data. While China has dedicated upwards of $10 billion to quantum research, the US has allocated only about 1.2 billion for quantum science under the National Quantum Initiative Act. 

On point, Prisco believes the NIST should follow the example of other global governments and support QKD development and commercialization. He stresses the urgency to protect our nation’s infrastructure, data, and citizens as we enter the quantum age of communication.

Read the full insight: Quantum supremacy’ demands prioritization of crypto protection



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