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Inside Quantum Technology  (ITQ) provides meaningful insight for companies that offer quantum encryption, systems, software or sensors. In a recent interview, ITQ talks exclusively to Quantum Xchange CEO, John Prisco about the future of cybersecurity. This in-depth exchange delves into data harvesting, foreign powers, and quantum-ready fiber networks. 

When asked about the mission for Quantum Xchange, Prisco replied, “The cryptographic technologies that protect the world’s data and communications are increasingly vulnerable, especially with the arrival of quantum computers in the not-so-distant future. Our goal is to provide organizations with the next-generation technologies needed to be crypto-agile and quantum safe today – not 10 years from now.” 

IQT interviewers prompted the topic of “data harvesting” in relationship to quantum computing and QDK. Prisco explains,  “Harvesting attacks are efforts by nefarious actors like China, Russia, North Korea and Iran to find their way into sensitive networks and steal highly encrypted data today, to decrypt with quantum computers later.” As a reference, Prisco used the example of a data breach in 2015 of the Office of Personnel Management which compromised 21.5 million sensitive records. He went on to say, “Once these foreign powers have the computing power necessary to break classical encryption, these and millions of other records stolen over the last several years will be exposed and exploited.” Prisco believes falling behind in the deployment of QKD and letting these harvesting attacks continue is a major national security concern.

The IQT interview provides a detailed account on how the overall business landscape will change once Phio and QKD are adopted. Prisco says organizations look to agile and dynamic solutions to keep pace with the rapid approach of the quantum era. He adds, “one must seek the highest levels of protection available today for their most critical assets, communication channels, and long shelf-life data.”

Quantum Xchanges, Phio network is the first quantum-ready fiber network in the U.S. It is comprised of 1,000 kilometers of optical fiber and 19 colocation centers that run from Washington, D.C. to New York and Boston. During the interview, Prisco reveal intentions to extend the Phio network nationwide in the next 12 months. 

Read the full interview: IQT Interviews John Prisco, CEO And President Of Quantum Xchange


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