Inside the Race to Quantum-Proof Our Vital Infrastructure

Google’s recent achievement of quantum supremacy and the existence of quantum computers is posing a threat to how we protect data with standard cryptography. In the near future, our current tried-and-true public-key cryptography algorithms will be no match for quantum computers and the possible cyber-attacks that will come with them. While the U.S. government previously turned a blind eye to the need for quantum cryptography, last month the US House of Representatives passed the $1.2 billion National Quantum Initiative Act, created to move forward with more research on quantum information science and technology applications. 

In his interview with Computing, QuantumXchange president and CEO John Prisco touched on the value of the National Quantum Initiative Act and how his company plans on fighting quantum with quantum. Countries outside of the U.S. have been more willing to prepare for the threats our data faces with quantum computers in the near future, and Prisco feels it’s time for America to catch up. QuantumXChange is working on a hybrid system called Phio TX that incorporates quantum keys and classical symmetric keys. This way, data can be protected more thoroughly on an as-needed basis. In other words, for information that absolutely needs to be protected at all costs, quantum physics is the answer. 

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