The Future of Quantum Infrastructure

The future of quantum computing and networking is showing up in laboratories, universities, and even through fiber optic cable. Thanks to the support of the government, the Department of Energy awarded $60.7 million to fund research and development in the advancement of quantum computing capabilities. 

A recent GCN article points out projects and grants awarded to universities and laboratories that will provide specialized quantum exploration to speed up the progress in developing algorithms and software tools to include programming languages, compilers, and debugging methods.

To advance the development of quantum computing and networking, companies like Quantum Xchange provide Phio technology to transmit quantum-generated encryption keys over fiber-optic cable. Quantum Xchange CEO John Prisco reveals that the financial district of New York City now connects securely to data centers in New Jersey with the use of Phio Fiber Network technology. Prisco went onto confirm that the next connection will be with Washington DC. 

Read the full story: Agencies, industry investing in quantum infrastructure



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