What You Need to Know to Embrace the Imminent Quantum Shift for Your Cryptography Future

Cryptography has long been essential in ensuring the protection of data and communication networks. However, even as we rely on it to safeguard sensitive information, vulnerabilities continue to give cause for concern. Remaining reliant on outdated cryptographic standards certainly adds to the dangers of compromise. Most legacy systems still cling to standards like MD5, SHA-1, TLS 1.1, and SSL 3.0 years after their prime.

The implications are significant. Networks are exposed to unnecessary risks with potential vulnerabilities that are ripe for exploitation by threat actors. As we usher in an era of cloud-scaling and quantum technologies, the stakes are raised even higher. With regulations such as CCPA, DORA, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and others in play, organizations face the need to evolve or risk breaches that could seriously compromise their operations.

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