Three Quantum Technology Features for Your Enterprise

We agree, the quantum world is both strange and fascinating. In a recent post by, industry writer David Petersson takes a look at three quantum technology features that every enterprise will need: security, copies, and sensors. 

The biggest worry to most organizations should be the potential to hack the current industry-standard encryption algorithms. This type of breech could affect everything from blockchain to secure communications. New technology like quantum key distribution (QKD) can provide a secure what to encrypt and decrypt messages. 

“QKD creates an unbreakable quantum key by etching ones and zeros on photons. If someone tries to intercept or otherwise obtain the data, the laws of quantum physics mean that the key changes, and it is no longer usable to decrypt the data it is attached to,” explains Quantum Xchange CEO and President, John Prisco. He went on to say that QKD is the best cryptographic security measure available today. 

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