Will Quantum Safe Cryptography Save The World?

In a recent article from Fact Based Insight, sensitive data intercepted and stored today could put lifecycle infrastructure at risk. Business and enterprise should review cybersecurity exposure and understand how these changes to data security affect them.  More recently, quantum networks have popped up around the world.

Early movers in this market understand the specific needs and what is necessary to adopt intermediate solutions accordingly. Future flexibility can be just as important to strengthen cyber defenses.

Quantum Xchange has an exclusive distribution agreement with IDQ in the US. This relationship, combined with trusted node technology is at the heart of the point-to-multipoint QKD service using dark fibre network on the US east coast. More recently Quantum Xchange has increased their product suite with Phio TX.  This serves as a great example of a hybrid solution that aims to lower the barrier to entry for clients with differing levels of security requirement. Phio TX uses out-of-band key delivery to provide a base level of security enhancement, while offering a seamless path for upgrade to full QKD security.

Read the in-depth article: Quantum Safe Cryptography Waiting To Save The World



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