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Crypto Convos: Informative Discussions. Diverse Expertise. is a video series for those on the frontlines of network infrastructure and security. Technology professionals, executives, policymakers, investors – anyone who is looking to gain expert insight on the evolving threat landscape and new methods for keeping critical data protected, business resilient, and network infrastructure future-proof and quantum-ready. Each episode will feature host Vince Berk, Chief Strategy Officer at Quantum Xchange and a distinguished guest engaged in a thought-provoking and entertaining discussion on relevant topics of the day.

If you have a topic suggestion or would like to be a guest on Crypto Convos, please send an email to or complete the contact form here.

Crypto Convos Episode 1 Part 1 with Guest Adam Gordon

Learn about the importance of continuing education and training for security professionals in this enlightening conversation with Vincent Berk, Quantum Xchange CSO, and Adam Gordon, edutainer at ITProTV. They discuss highly-relevant topics such as how to improve online training and IT education, how to better engage audiences, and how to safeguard ourselves from evolving security risks.

Crypto Convos Episode 1 Part 2 with Guest Adam Gordon

Quantum Xchange CSO Vincent Berk and ITProTV’s Adam Gordon continue their conversation about IT education and cybersecurity. Watch as they talk about aspects of security compliance, resiliency, and single points of failure in cryptography.

Crypto Convos Episode 2 with Guest Retired Admiral Mike Rogers

Quantum Xchange’s CSO Vincent Berk explores critical security issues with Ret. Admiral Michael Rodgers. Ret. Admiral Rogers offers a unique perspective as the former commander of Cyber Command and former director of the NSA. Watch as they discuss large-scale SSL vulnerabilities, how encryption is often taken for granted, cryptographic risks related to warfare and intelligence, and future threats from major cyberattacks.

Crypto Convos Episode 3 with Guest Roger Grimes

Join Dr. Vincent Berk as he speaks with author, security expert, and KnowBe4 Data-Driven Defense Evangelist Roger Grimes. In this timely episode, they dissect the disturbing paper issued by Chinese researchers, which claims to have broken RSA encryption with present-day quantum computing technology.

Crypto Convos Episode 4 Part 1 with Guest Rohit Sethi

Join Quantum Xchange and Dr. Vincent Berk for a Crypto Convo with Rohit Sethi, CEO of Security Compass, a “security by design” firm. Listen to how continuous deployment and other innovations have impacted software security testing and how to combat threats like “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks by combining cryptographic management and control with DevSecOps.

Crypto Convos Episode 4 Part 2 with Rohit Sethi

Vincent Berk and Security Compass CEO Rohit Sethi continue their conversation about continuous deployment and how it impacts software security testing. Watch as they discuss combating threats like “harvest now, decrypt later” by combining cryptographic management and control with DevSecOps.

Crypto Convos Episode 5 with Pedro Morão

Warpcom CEO Pedro Morão chats with Vince Berk on how the cloud has forever changed data center operations and its profound impact on managed security services, the pending arrival of quantum computers, and how Warpcom is preparing its infrastructure and its customers for the quantum era. Watch Crypto Convos Episode 5.

Crypto Convos Episode 6 with Ricardo Sanz

Watch as Ricardo Sanz of Evolutio joins Dr. Vincent Berk to discuss managed security operations, the future of cryptography, and more.

Crypto Convos Episode 7 With Prasanth Prasad

Dr. Vincent Berk welcomes Prasanth Prasad, Director of Technology, of Spire Solutions to the Crypto Convos podcast. On the heels of their return from the 2023 RSA Conference, the two discuss major cybersecurity trends and themes they witnessed coming out of the mega conference including AI, quantum security, securing the public cloud, and ransomware.

Crypto Convos Episode 8 with John Stewart

Join the latest Crypto Convo as we discuss technical debt and enterprise cryptography, the benefits of machine learning for cybersecurity, and more!

Crypto Convos Episode 9 with Leigh Finch

In this video, Vince Berk welcomes Leigh Finch to discuss the challenges that heightened encryption brings, the current and future impact of artificial intelligence on network performance, and the crucial role of SD-WAN and CSP technologies.

Dive into the intricate world of enterprise networking in this thought-provoking episode of Crypto Convos.

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