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With Phio Trusted Xchange (TX), Quantum Xchange has reimagined data encryption and secure communications. The simple overlay architecture and FIPS 140-2 validated implementation can be dropped into any crypto environment to enable a defense-in-depth approach to your data protection plans and an infinitely stronger cybersecurity now. Choose the level of quantum-safe security needed based on your data inventory requirements and risk tolerance levels. Dramatically enhance your security today and be quantum-ready for the cyber attacks of tomorrow.

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PHIO TX crypto agility

Phio TX extends the life of existing encryption investments by making your crypto infrastructure immediately quantum safe and crypto agile.

Phio TX is the first key delivery system to support quantum keys generated by any source, protected by any method (PQC, QKD, QRNG, or a combination). Unlike other quantum-safe solutions, Phio TX incorporates point-to-multipoint intelligent key routing and can operate over any TCP/IP connection and network media type to anywhere on the planet.

Further crypto agility is achieved through Phio TX’s support of all PQC candidate algorithms – meaning, customers can change PQC algorithms without disturbing their networks. If desired, they can even begin with PQC then eventually add QKD with no changes needed to the underlying infrastructure, no fiber required, and no limitations on key delivery. We believe only by decoupling key generation and delivery from data transmissions can organizations achieve true crypto agility.

Simplify, strengthen, and future-proof symmetric key delivery.

Phio TX leverages its patent-pending, out-of-band symmetric key delivery technology to deliver an immediate and infinitely stronger cybersecurity posture to any network environment by supporting the highest form of encryption available, bypassing known risks and weaknesses of legacy encryption in a totally new and innovative way, and embracing modern security best practices. The zero-trust architecture delivers on-demand, ephemeral key pairs that are dynamically regenerated to replace traditional, static, pre-shared keys — widely known to have security risks.

By supplementing native encryption with an additional key-encrypting-key (KEK) transmitted independent of the data path, Phio TX makes your existing encryption environment, and the data transmitted, impervious to quantum attacks and immediately more secure. An attacker must now steal two keys and understand when, how, or even if they are paired – a near impossible feat.

Phio TX for Cloud

When it comes to cloud computing adoption, security remains the top priority for enterprise decision-makers. The Phio TX Cloud implementation can be used to enhance the security of PKE in the cloud by protecting transmitted data between enterprise and cloud environments with the strongest encryption available today – all while realizing the flexibility, scalability, and rapid deployment of a cloud delivery model.

Phio TX for Small Office

Still looking for quantum-safe security, but don’t have the business requirements for a mega-networked, datacenter-to-many installation? Phio TX model D provides the basic functionality found in Phio TX but for smaller engagements. This economical, scaled-down version of Phio TX offers a quantum-safe VPN – ideally suited for organizations looking to better protect remote worksites from internal and external threats with stronger, quantum-based secure communications.

Any organization deploying a network infrastructure today should ensure it is quantum-safe now or risk its premature obsolescence – a costly and risk-intense scenario best avoided!

Overcome the Commercial Limitations of QKD

For those organizations wanting classic Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), Quantum Xchange has made it commercially viable and enterprise-ready. Used with Phio TX, QKD-generated keys can be delivered to multiple transmission points not on the fiber network. Customers maintain all of the benefits of QKD technology with none of its limitations. With Phio TX, Quantum Xchange has taken traditional QKD, further innovated on its functionality and applicability, removed its barriers to adoption, and created a next-generation technology for the distribution of quantum keys.

Benefits of Phio TX

Phio TX allows users to harness the power of its patent-pending, out-of-band key delivery without having to modify the setup of the main data link. This allows users to decouple the maintenance of the encryption data channel from ability/desire to deploy other quantum-safe technologies, e.g., QRNG, QKD, PQC.

From an IT operations perspective, the user can start with a minimal number of Phio TX nodes with options to grow and improve without having to touch the data path or need to add more dedicated encrypted links — all while utilizing the same key-delivery network.

From a deployment perspective, the power of Phio TX is available in a variety of options to meet your business requirements and data protection needs today and in the future.

One of the riskiest corporate security behaviors is to not change crypto keys frequently enough. With Phio TX, the keys are changed on every transfer, adding a new level of security to your network.

Phio TX supports all PQC candidate algorithms, is FIPS 140-2 validated, and meets the ETSI protocol for QKD.

Keys can be delivered over any network media, including fiber, wireless, satellite, copper, or a combination.

“This concept is so simple. I could’ve done the same thing at my home. The Phio TX is a small form factor. I could easily have a Phio TX at my house and a firewall at my house, connect into this network, and have it be secured over IPsec, if I so desire,” said Lee Sattler, Distinguished Engineer at Verizon during IQT NYC 2021 panel talk.

Quantum Xchange Provides a Quantum-Proof Cryptography Solution

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