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What is Phio Trusted Xchangeβ„’?

Phio Trusted Xchange (Phio TX) is a quantum-safe and crypto-agile enterprise management platform. The patented technology enables network infrastructure and enterprise risk teams to implement effective cryptographic policy to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape, advances in computing, and everyday cybersecurity risks.

FIPS validated and enterprise proven, Phio TX works with your existing encryption environment and network infrastructure to extend its life, functionality, and security capabilities at every layer of the cryptographic stack.

NO bumps in the wire. NO latency. NO new hardware on the critical path.

Leveraging quantum entropy, all NIST-backed PQC algorithms, and a second symmetric key delivered out-of-band, Phio TX removes single points of failure common to modern-day encryption practices while future-proofing your crypto infrastructure for the quantum era. See how Phio TX leverages the five essential characteristics of next-gen cryptographic security.

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Why Phio TX?

  • Because the threat landscape and encryption techniques are constantly changing, cryptographic strategies and best practices should be fluid and diversified. It’s time to break the crypto monoculture that exists!
  • Replacing legacy encryption with post-quantum cryptographic algorithms will be fraught with challenges, uncertainties, and unforeseen risks. An agile, crypto-diverse change-management platform is essential to ease the transition and future-proof the security of your data and communications links.
  • An overwhelming 85% of data breaches involved the human factor, not an advanced or supercomputer. Weak entropy sources, programming and implementation errors, lack of key rotation of pre-shared keys – all contribute to cryptography shortcomings and single points of failure in most enterprise environments.
  • Organizations deploying a network infrastructure today should ensure it is quantum-safe now or risk its premature obsolescence – a costly and risk-intense scenario best avoided.


Half of organizations believe they are at risk for “harvest now, decrypt later” cybersecurity attacks

Source: Deloitte

Dynamically stack, switch, mix, deliver, and manage quantum-safe keys across any network media type, anywhere on the planet, with no network interruptions or downtime.

Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography

Watch Quantum Xchange's informative webinar on crypto discovery and other preparation considerations for the inevitable replacement of PKE with quantum-resistant cryptography.

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