The Ultimate Quantum-Safe Solution for Secure Communications

Quantum Xchange’s Phio is the dynamic, crypto-agile and ultra-secure solution you need to future-proof your communication channels.

Phio is the first and only commercially viable quantum-safe network to provide both traditional key-transmission services and QKD via point-to-multi-point transmission across any distance.

Phio Quantum Key (Phio QK)

Phio by Quantum Xchange secures your critical communications.

Phio QK, our Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology, leverages the properties of quantum mechanics - specifically photons - to produce an unbreakable key so you can transmit data securely from one point to another.When combined with Phio TX, our QKD offering makes unbreakable key exchange possible for commercial organizations - and we’re the only company providing point-to-multi point transmissions across any distance.

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Phio Trusted Xchange (Phio TX)

Phio by Quantum Xchange secures your critical communications.

Phio TX is a first of-its-kind technology that enables symmetric out-of-band key delivery that is fault-tolerant and load-balanced via point-to-multi-point key transmissions across any distance. Enabling your organization to deploy an agile, quantum-secure infrastructure that fits seamlessly into your current encryption environment,it can deliver QKD or classic crypto keys over any network connection and any distance, with the added benefit that other QKD investments can be easily integrated into the Phio TX infrastructure as needed.

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Phio Managed Services

Fully Managed Quantum Risk Mitigation

Quantum Xchange’s managed services provide you all the tools you need for a quantum-safe security solution. Whether you need Phio QK, Phio TX, a dedicated fiber network, or some combination of those three, you have the options you need to make your communications quantum-ready. Our experts will help you assess your risk tolerance, determine your requirements, and implement a custom solution that will keep your high-value assets safe.

CIO Buyer’s Guide for Quantum-Safe Communication

As the prospect of quantum computing draws closer, so too does the threat that quantum computers pose for our current mathematically-based encryption methods. Don’t wait to safeguard your data! Learn how quantum-safe key distribution including QKD can bolster your existing encryption in this Buyer’s Guide. We explain what QKD is, why it matters, how to extend QKD using point-to-multipoint key transmissions, and how easy it is to implement a quantum-safe key transmission system into your existing infrastructure, preparing you for the post-quantum era.

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