Quantum Xchange Cements Its Standing as a Vital Compliance Arsenal for EU Enterprises

Real-Time Cryptographic Risk Assessment Thrives in EU Market, Championed by Satisfied Clients Meeting Stringent Data Privacy Demands

BETHESDA, M.d. – Feb. 27, 2024 – Quantum Xchange, delivering the future of encryption with quantum-safe agility, visibility, and management solutions, is delighted to announce the early success and growing demand for CipherInsights. This real-time cryptographic risk and assessment tool is proving invaluable for companies navigating the stringent data security and privacy landscape of the European Union (EU).

In the ever-evolving data protection landscape, EU companies and those that do business in the region must navigate stringent privacy laws to safeguard sensitive information. As guardians of digital integrity, these organizations must adhere to the rigorous standards set forth by the EU, including GDPR, DORA, and NIC2 to ensure the privacy and rights of individuals are preserved. In this era of heightened awareness, non-compliance poses a significant risk to brand reputation and trust and invites substantial penalties, with GDPR fines reaching up to €20 million or 4% of global annual turnover.

Since its launch only seven months ago, Quantum Xchange’s CipherInsights has met this need, significantly influencing the European market by offering enhanced technologies to navigate this complex regulatory landscape. Companies in highly regulated industries like finance, healthcare, and government and two-thirds of the Quantum Xchange’s consultancy partners are exploring CipherInsights for cyber risk assessment, audit, and compliance services.

Channel momentum has also been strong, with more than half of Quantum Xchange’s Managed Service Providers testing CipherInsights, with a third nearing adoption and integration into their Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) services. This integration is crucial for meeting their customers’ strict EU data protection and compliance standards like the aforementioned GDPR, DORA, and NIC2.

Vince Berk, Chief Strategy Officer at Quantum Xchange, remarked, “CipherInsights provides actionable intelligence for today’s enterprise, allowing organizations to identify non-compliance issues swiftly while also pinpointing quantum-vulnerable encryption for eventual replacement. It is a crucial step toward achieving both cryptographic and regulatory resilience through policy control and management.”

Deployed as a passive listener on networks, CipherInsights functions as a virtual appliance connected to a packet broker or SPAN/TAP. Unlike traditional scanning tools, it analyzes traffic in real time, offering insights into the operation of encryption across networks, not just its deployment. This approach provides an immediate understanding of remediation needs.

With CipherInsights, users can:

  • Identify outdated protocols such as TLS 1.1, SSL 3.0, MD5, or SHA-1.
  • Flag suspicious encrypted traffic between endpoints.
  • Detect weakly signed, untrustworthy, wildcarded, self-signed, or expired certificates.
  • Alert on unencrypted communications, like user authentication and database traffic.
  • Prioritize cryptographic risk based on the zero-trust framework.
  • Generate detailed reports for regulatory bodies or internal audits.
  • Enforce policies and manage progress toward a crypto-agile infrastructure.
  • Initiate post-quantum cryptography (PQC) migration planning.

To see a full list of how CipherInsights from Quantum Xchange can help meet various regulatory requirements, download the solutions brief. For multinationals concerned about safeguarding data as it moves between systems and across borders, check out the white paper, Protecting Cross-Border Data Flows with Quantum-Enhanced Encryption.

About Quantum Xchange
Quantum Xchange protects the world’s data in motion from advances in computing and everyday cybersecurity risks. Delivering the future of encryption with its award-winning, cryptographic management platform, Phio Trusted Xchange (TX) and network monitoring and risk assessment tool CipherInsights, commercial businesses and government agencies can bring existing IT infrastructure and SD-WAN environments into the post-quantum era easily, affordably, and through policy configuration and control. To learn more about future-proofing your data from whatever threat awaits, watch the explainer video and visit QuantumXC.com for the latest company news and events.


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