Meet NSM-8 & NSM-10 Quantum-Resistant Encryption Requirements with Phio TX

The White House issued National Security Memorandum 8 (NSM-8) in January 2022 which instructs federal agencies to use quantum-resistant algorithms within the next 180-days.  The Biden Administration then doubled down on quantum preparedness, issuing NSM-10 in May 2022. Since the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) has not yet approved public-key algorithms that provide quantum safety, federal agencies must instead look to encryption solutions that use pre-shared keys.

Learn how Quantum Xchange’s FIPS-validated solution, Phio TX enables quantum-safe encryption today and helps federal agencies and their partners meet NSM-8 mandates easily and affordably. It also provides a future-proof architecture to adopt whichever public-key algorithms NIST approves, without impacting the data networks or replacing encryption hardware or software.

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