Whitepaper: What Is Quantum XChange & How Does It Work?

Developing a Wide-Area Network To Ensure the Delivery of Unhackable Data

Quantum Xchange is the first-of-its-kind fiber optic network used solely to transmit and receive quantum cryptographic keys between entities that are securely transferring critical data.

This white paper explains what Quantum Xchange is and how it uniquely incorporates QKD and Trusted Nodes to deliver unhackable data over extended ranges.

Download this white paper to learn more about this fiber optic quantum network — the first and only one in the U.S. that provides the ultimate defense to keep high-value data safe both now and long into the future.

Download Whitepaper

Download the whitepaper to learn how QKD works and how it can provide unbreakable encryption today, tomorrow and into the future.

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