Future-Proofing the World’s Data in Motion

Quantum Xchange holds the key to protecting data in motion today and in the quantum future. We help organizations stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape and advances in computing and mathematics with ultra-secure, quantum-safe key distribution.

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Why Quantum Xchange?

For security-forward organizations grounded in present-day realities, Quantum Xchange offers true crypto agility, immediate quantum-safe protection, and a key distribution system for the ages.

The world’s volume of data has been growing exponentially year after year, giving cyber criminals a greater opportunity to expose massive volumes of data

Cybercrime costs the U.S. economy $100 billion a year and costs the global economy $450 billion annually


72% of security professionals believe a crypto-agile infrastructure is needed to prepare for the quantum threat

(Quantum Xchange Survey)
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What Is Quantum Xchange?

Our ground-breaking, out-of-band key distribution system addresses the shortcomings of Public Key Encryption (PKE) while immediately improving your cybersecurity posture with quantum-enhanced protection for securing data in transit. The Quantum Xchange Phio family of solutions support all forms of quantum-safe security to better protect data networks now and in the quantum future. 

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“Quantum Xchange recognized early that defensive quantum technologies were being largely ignored by technology heavyweights focused on the race for quantum computer supremacy… I am confident that their solution can protect organizations before we are faced with the consequences of quantum computing power.”

– Dr. Whitfield Diffie
Cryptography Expert and Turing Award winner

How It Works

Ensuring your network architecture and communications is secure from known threats and the risks associated with advances in computing and mathematics can be a complex and daunting task, but the solution doesn’t have to be. Quantum Xchange offers quantum-resistant security solutions that are elegant in their simplicity and can be easily deployed across your crypto infrastructure today. 

Our ultra-secure, out-of-band, key distribution system is uniquely capable of making traditional keys quantum safe; can be deployed across any network media; leverages the power of all NIST PQC candidate algorithms; supports quantum keys in any format; and provides an easy onramp to QKD-level security without any distance or delivery limitations.

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What’s At Stake?

Loss of data integrity

Exposure to new attack vectors

Loss of customer trust and loyalty

Loss of revenues

Exposure to increased risks

Loss of critical data
and IP

Better Protect Your Data in Motion Today.
Be Quantum-Safe from Tomorrow’s Threats.

Set a course for securing the future of your data.  Determine the best quantum-safe solution for your business with the Phio Playbook.

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Toshiba Launches Global Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Business

Toshiba has announced the commercial launch of its quantum key distribution (QKD) business across Europe, the US and Asia. 

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CIO’s Guide for Implementing Quantum-Safe Key Distribution

Companies need to stay ahead of the threat by developing and implementing a well-articulated, quantum-risk management plan now to avoid losing business and trust. And that plan must incorporate provably secure Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) as an integral component of the solution for truly unbreakable encryption. Download the “CIO’s Guide for Implementing Quantum-Safe Key Distribution” to learn about when the quantum threat is coming, how soon you need to prepare – and how it will impact your business, and what options you have to secure your existing encryption methods.

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