Future-Proofing the World’s Data in Motion

Quantum Xchange holds the key to protecting data in motion today and in the quantum future. We help organizations stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape and advances in computing and mathematics with ultra-secure, quantum-safe key distribution.

Why Quantum Xchange
Quantum Xchange, Verizon, and Toshiba to Present at IQT New York

Quantum Xchange joins Toshiba and Verizon for a panel talk on May 19 at the Inside Quantum Technology virtual event. The presentation titled, “Securing the Future of Communications with Quantum-Safe Technology Available Today – Verizon Case Study,” will explore how Verizon, together with Quantum Xchange and Toshiba, created a successful QKD network to future-proof data from hackers. For more information visit the event site here

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Why Quantum Xchange?

Because there’s too much at stake to wait. The most popular method for protecting our digital universe is inherently vulnerable to advances in computing and brute-force attacks.

Quantum Xchange’s two-key approach and out-of-band delivery technology provides stronger security today and a quantum-safe key distribution system for the ages.

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Public Key Encryption (PKE) enables more than 4.5 BILLION internet users to securely access 200 MILLION websites and engage in $3 TRILLION of retail e-commerce annually

Cybercrime costs the U.S. economy $100 BILLION a year and costs the global economy $450 BILLION annually

What is Phio from Quantum Xchange?
Companies don’t have to deploy expensive rip-and-replace security projects to reap the benefits of quantum-safe solutions.

Ensuring your network architecture and communications are secure from known threats and the risks associated with advances in computing and mathematics can be a complex and daunting task, but the solution doesn’t have to be. Quantum Xchange offers quantum-resistant security solutions that are elegant in their simplicity and can be easily deployed across your crypto infrastructure today.

Our groundbreaking, out-of-band key distribution system addresses the shortcomings of PKE while immediately improving your cybersecurity posture with quantum-enhanced protection for securing data in transit.

Phio TX is unique in that it:

  • Makes traditional keys quantum safe.
  • Can be deployed across any network media.
  • Leverages the power of all NIST PQC candidate algorithms.
  • Supports quantum keys in any format.
  • Provides an easy onramp to QKD-level security without any distance or delivery limitations.
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Get Quantum Fit in 2021

If you’re a cybersecurity professional responsible for the security of data, it’s time to become a change agent within your organization. Improve your quantum literacy, set an organizational plan for quantum readiness, and take action! It’s time to get quantum fit in 2021.

Getting started is easy. Take this two-minute quiz to gauge your baseline quantum IQ and help set your organization on the path to quantum-safe data protection.

CIO’s Guide for Implementing Quantum-Safe Key Distribution

Any organization deploying a network infrastructure today should ensure it is quantum-safe now or risk its premature obsolescence. Download the “CIO’s Guide for Implementing Quantum-Safe Key Distribution” to learn more about the looming quantum threat and how to create a quantum-risk management plan to keep your data protected, business resilient, and network infrastructure quantum-ready.

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About Quantum Xchange

Quantum Xchange is a company of seasoned enterprise-security professionals excited about the future of security and the principles of quantum mechanics to protect transmitted data.

We’ve invented the first, quantum-safe key distribution system that offers true crypto agility and enables organizations to easily boost their data security posture with quantum-safe key exchange.

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