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Quantum Xchange is a company of firsts. We are the first company in the world to make existing encryption keys quantum safe and the first to support both math and physics-based approaches to post-quantum security. Our quantum-safe key distribution system is the only true crypto-agile solution for keeping your most valuable assets safe, even as the threat landscape evolves.


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Why Quantum XC?

Quantum Xchange gives commercial enterprises and government agencies the best and last defense to keep data safe--today and in the future.

The world’s volume of data has been growing exponentially year after year, giving cyber criminals a greater opportunity to expose massive volumes of data

Cybercrime costs the U.S. economy $100 billion a year and costs the global economy $450 billion annually


During the First six months of 2017, more than 10M records were compromised or exposed every day

(Breach Level Index)

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What Is Quantum Xchange?

Quantum Xchange empowers global companies with crypto agility and defense-in-depth countermeasures against the quantum threat. Our Phio family of solutions support all forms of quantum-safe security — the only offering enabling math and physics-based encryption technologies to work in harmony.

“Quantum Xchange recognized early that defensive quantum technologies were being largely ignored by technology heavyweights focused on the race for quantum computer supremacy… I am confident that their solution can protect organizations before we are faced with the consequences of quantum computing power.”

Dr. Whitfield Diffie, cryptography expert and Turing Award winner

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How It Works

With Phio TX, organizations can make their existing keys quantum safe, leverage the power of all NIST PQC candidate algorithms, and support quantum keys in any format (QRNG, QKD and PQC). No other key distribution system is capable of supporting all forms of quantum keys for true crypto-agility; can make traditional keys quantum-safe now using its out-of-band key delivery innovationand provides an easy onramp for QKD-level security without any distance or delivery limitations. This defense-in-depth infrastructure can be deployed across any network topology for further cost savings and ease of use.

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Determine the Best Quantum Encryption Solution for Your Business with Our Phio Playbook.

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CIO’s Guide for Implementing Quantum-Safe Key Distribution

Companies need to stay ahead of the threat by developing and implementing a well-articulated, quantum-risk management plan now to avoid losing business and trust. And that plan must incorporate provably secure Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) as an integral component of the solution for truly unbreakable encryption. Download the “CIO’s Guide for Implementing Quantum-Safe Key Distribution” to learn about when the quantum threat is coming, how soon you need to prepare – and how it will impact your business, and what options you have to secure your existing encryption methods.

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