Continuously Monitor & Manage Cryptographic Risk in the Enterprise

Today and in the Post-Quantum Future.


Traffic analysis on the wire shows that on average 56% of traffic is unencrypted.


Up to 80% of network traffic has some defeatable flaw in its encryption.


87% of encrypted, host-to-host relationships still use TLS 1.2 indicating a large migration to TLS 1.3 is still forthcoming.

Source: Proprietary analysis of more than 203 terabytes of customers’ network traffic.

The Great Crypto Migration

Practical steps and planning considerations for organizations as they embark on the greatest cryptographic transition in the history of computing — replacing classic encryption with NIST-backed PQCs.

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Overcoming Individual Points of Weakness to Achieve a Stronger Security Posture

Single points of failure (SPoF) in encryption can wreak havoc when left unaddressed. In our eBook, we spotlight popular SPoF and how to overcome them.

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Don’t fall victim to any one bug, flaw, leaked certificate, or PQC algorithm. Eliminate single points of failure in cryptography with full visibility, agility, and management solutions from Quantum Xchange.

Discover, catalogue, and prioritize cryptographic risk and remediation with CipherInsights™

Deploy affordable, crypto-agile, and quantum-safe solutions with Phio TX™

Manage your cryptographic infrastructure holistically and through policy with Phio M.

With products and services from Quantum Xchange, existing IT infrastructures, SASE, and managed networks are future-proof and quantum-ready.

  • Continuously monitor network traffic for cryptographic risk
  • Eliminate single points of failure in cryptography
  • Meet regulatory requirements with ease
  • Avoid performance costs and latency issues
  • Protect your network infrastructure from future attacks

Vince Berk, Chief Strategy Officer at Quantum Xchange lends his voice, and opinion, to this invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives.

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Chief Strategy Officer Vince Berk chats with those on the frontlines of network infrastructure and security in this monthly video series.

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Delivering the Future of Encryption

Quantum Xchange’s holistic, enterprise cryptographic management platform overcomes the single points of failure in cryptography to provide stronger data security today and quantum-safe protection from future threats.

Mitigate cryptographic risk and future-proof the security of your data and communications networks easily, affordably, and through policy. 

About Quantum Xchange

Quantum Xchange is a company of seasoned enterprise security professionals excited about the future of the cybersecurity industry and our contribution to it. We are the creators of a holistic approach to securing data in transit, helping protect the world’s data from advances in computing and everyday cybersecurity risks. Through our outspoken thought leadership and evangelism, we encourage organizations to embrace the inevitable and #BeQuantumSafe.

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Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography

Watch Quantum Xchange's informative webinar on crypto discovery and other preparation considerations for the inevitable replacement of PKE with quantum-resistant cryptography.

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