Achieving Quantum Readiness with Phio TX

By John Prisco

With the impending arrival of quantum computers – even if that’s five to 10 years away – we need to start preparing and implementing measures now to make our data quantum safe. It may seem like a complicated prospect, but today, I’m excited to announce an innovative solution we’ve developed that will help enterprises future-proof security.  

At Quantum Xchange, our goal was to develop a dynamic network for unbreakable key exchange through Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). When we launched Phio, the first commercial quantum network in the U.S., in June 2018, we accomplished our goal; but we continued to work on making that encryption even more commercially viable by making it available over any distance. After all, what good is groundbreaking technology if it’s not accessible to most organizations?  

And now, we’ve done it: We took quantum readiness a step further through our newest product, Phio™ Trusted Xchange (TX)

With Phio TX, you can prepare for the future quantum era today. Phio TX’s out-of-band symmetric key delivery provides encrypted, fault-tolerant, and load-balanced point-to-multipoint key transmissions across any distance without the need for dedicated fiber.  It is a key management system that lets you choose the level of protection you need based on your risk tolerance, resource availability, or any other factors impacting your business. Moreover, it has solved the distance limitations posed by QKD transmissions.

The beauty of Phio TX is that it is scalable and it works within your organization’s existing encryption environment. This means you can implement a quantum-ready security solution today and layer in QKD as you need it, when you need it, and where you need it. 

You can select advanced end-to-end protection through Phio TX (using traditional cryptography with out-of-band key delivery), quantum cryptography via QKD, or a combination of the two – all resistant to quantum attack.  

Phio TX is game-changing technology that puts Quantum Xchange several years ahead of any other quantum communications provider. These are the three main benefits: 

  • Provides greater data security because existing crypto-keys can now be quantum safe.
  • Offers practicality and affordability to organizations by enabling them to start simple, and then seamlessly integrate QKD into their network configuration – when they are ready – to achieve unbreakable key exchange.
  • Makes QKD commercially viable by removing the primary obstacles that challenged QKD’s adoption by other enterprises: the 100km distance limitation and point-to-point only restrictions on transmissions. In fact, Quantum Xchange is the only company that has solved the distance limitations for QKD. 

Many organizations understand that they need to protect long shelf-life data now from tomorrow’s threats. They see the quantum threat on the horizon. Banks, critical infrastructure companies, healthcare organizations and government agencies are especially vulnerable to cyberattack and data harvesting. They need ultra-secure, point-to-multi-point communications; but they also want options when it comes to encryption and making sure they’re prepared for the future. Phio TX gives enterprises those options and provides a way to gradually implement all the right measures to be quantum-ready.


Phio TX is available separately or in conjunction with Quantum Xchange’s other products, Phio QK and managed services.  Learn more about our Phio range >

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