Crypto Convos Episode 3 with Guest Roger Grimes

Crypto Convos: Informative Discussions. Diverse Expertise. is a video series for those on the frontlines of network infrastructure and security. Technology professionals, executives, policymakers, investors – anyone who is looking to gain expert insight on the evolving threat landscape and new methods for keeping critical data protected, business resilient, and network infrastructure future-proof and quantum-ready. Each episode will feature host Vince Berk, Chief Strategy Officer at Quantum Xchange and a distinguished guest engaged in a thought-provoking and entertaining discussion on relevant topics of the day.

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Join Dr. Vincent Berk as he speaks with author, security expert, and KnowBe4 Data-Driven Defense Evangelist Roger Grimes. In this timely episode, they dissect the recent and shocking paper issued by Chinese researchers, which claims to have broken RSA encryption with present-day quantum computing technology. Does this mean the Cryptography Apocalypse has arrived? And if so, is crypto agility enough? Regardless, Roger urges organizations to start building their data-protecting inventory today!

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