GSMA Urges Membership to Define Guidelines and Processes for PQC Transition

Quantum Xchange was pleased to participate in a panel talk at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Las Vegas on the powerful partnership between Quantum & AI. AT GSMA’s flagship event in North America, our CEO Eddy Zervigon joined other leaders in the quantum space to share expert opinions on the synergy between AI and quantum computing and to champion our take on the future of encryption.

On Feb. 17, 2024 GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications Association) released a white paper, Security of Telecommunications Networks in a Post Quantum Era offering its membership guidance on how best to prepare for the PQC transition. Once again, we’re prepared to share our take with the GSMA audience and industry at large on steps to be taken now to be better prepared for the quantum eventuality.

Like NIST’s Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography, Executive Orders NSM-8 and NSM-10, and The Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act (H.R. 7535), GSMA recommends operators begin by establishing a cryptographic inventory to understand where quantum-vulnerable algorithms are used in systems or vendor products.

With the launch of our cryptographic discovery and risk assessment tool CipherInsights, Quantum Xchange has been outspoken on how we can help organizations kickstart their PQC migration roadmap using a practical and affordable risk-based approach. Our family of products were designed to help organizations throughout each phase of their PQC journey.

  • Discover, catalog, and prioritize cryptographic risk with CipherInsights.
  • Deploy affordable, crypto-agile, and quantum-safe solutions with Phio TX.
  • Manage your cryptographic infrastructure holistically and through policy with Phio M.

CipherInsights, continually monitors network traffic to provide users with a near real-time view into cyber risks based on each of the five core CISA zero-trust pillars: data, applications, network, device, and identity (see data sheet).

Within 90 minutes of deployment, cryptographic vulnerabilities, and risk factors such as unencrypted traffic, clear-text passwords, expired certificates, self-sign intermediate certificate authorities, insecure encryption algorithms are flagged and scored.

The CipherInsights risk dashboard and crypto bill of materials provides users with a clear understanding of their cybersecurity posture and a prioritized list of risk mitigation to maintain compliance, pass audits, and better prepare for the PQC transition.

The GSMA paper also suggests the telecom industry seek potential new services to offer customers and partners. Because our flagship product, Phio TX, is vendor agnostic and platform independent, it works with any network infrastructure (legacy, VPN, SD-WAN, satellite) to instantly upgrade these technologies with quantum-safe encryption. Quantum Xchange was awarded for its innovation by the industry receiving the 2023 INTERNET TELEPHONY SD-WAN Product of the Year Award.

Learn more on how Quantum Xchange makes these new services a reality for telecom operators and managed connectivity providers (solution brief).

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