Letter from the CEO, John Prisco


Today we are excited to announce the launch of Quantum Xchange, the first quantum-secured network in the United States! It’s not often that a true game-changer hits the market, but I can say with confidence and certainty that today marks the beginning of a new era for secure communications – no matter if your critical data is shared and stored in the cloud or on a server.

Most modern encryption systems are based on the premise that it would take too long for hackers to carry out the mathematical calculations required to reveal encryption keys, but even basic quantum computers will be capable of breaking these encryption standards in seconds.  This will have devasting consequences on our critical infrastructure, banking, and healthcare systems. Companies need to invest now in the next generation of secure communications: quantum key distribution (QKD) technology.

QKD technology promises unprecedented secrecy.  Quantum Xchange’s patented Trusted Node technology extends QKD beyond previous transmission distance limitations for virtually unbreakable encryption and secure communications across any distance. Quantum Xchange’s first QKD network will connect the financial markets on Wall Street with back-office operations in New Jersey before expanding across the North East Corridor and eventually nationwide.

Because Quantum Xchange is based on the laws of quantum physics (photons) and not mathematics (1s, 0s like all forms of public key cryptography), it can’t be compromised.  It’s not weakened by quantum computing, mathematical discoveries, or massive parallel computing networks.  Any attempt by an eavesdropper to intercept and measure the photons alters their encoding or natural state – thanks to the laws of quantum mechanics.  This means that eavesdropping on quantum keys can be detected. Compromised key exchanges can be dropped and the process repeated until a theoretically unbreakable key is exchanged.

With financial backing from New Technology Ventures and armed with technology deeply rooted in cutting-edge research and developments from ID Quantique and Battelle Labs, Quantum Xchange is pioneering unbreakable encryption, enabling organizations to keep their high-value assets safe – today, tomorrow and well into the quantum future.

I encourage you to join us on this journey and to take the quantum leap in securing your critical communications!


John Prisco
President & CEO



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