World Quantum Day: Where the Quantum Revolution Stands

April 14th is World Quantum Day, a day made for reflecting on the progress of quantum technologies and promoting the public’s understanding of its applications and impact. 

Understanding, in fact, is of paramount importance, especially in light of today’s political climate and current events. Quantum technology is being advanced and implemented worldwide by those with good intentions and those without, and yet many remain unaware of its potential effects on their daily lives. 

As the Information Age gives way to the Quantum Age of Computing, we reflect on where quantum evolution stands today and the future challenges that lay ahead.

Knowledge is Power: Quantum Security Education

Quantum Xchange takes its position as a leader in the quantum security industry seriously. We understand all the perils and promise of this dynamic technology and bear a responsibility to share our knowledge as well as our solutions.

One of the ways we lead is by engaging in relevant industry forums. Executives from Quantum Xchange regularly contribute at these events – like our CEO Eddy Zervigon’s upcoming CyberLEO panel talk: “Supply Chain 2022: Geopolitics, Disruption and Keeping Supply Chains Efficient and Secure.”

We also regularly produce educational articles – like these – as well as easily-accessible webinars  and ebooks on specific quantum security topics like “Securing Your Data to the Moon and Back.”

Our work toward progressing the education and understanding of quantum security and technology has even earned us industry awards. Just recently we received global recognition  from the Globee 2022 Awards for our 2021 Get Quantum Fit campaign.

This campaign encouraged and provided the tools for quantum literacy and quantum readiness. Its goal was not only to grow greater understanding of quantum cybersecurity, but to spur immediate action in private and public sectors alike. We used the Get Quantum Fit campaign to spread the word that any organization utilizing a network infrastructure must immediately ensure its quantum security or risk extinction. 

We are on the brink of the greatest crypto migration in the history of computing. Soon nearly every organization in the world will need to embark on a multi-year, multi-pronged project to replace classic encryption with NIST-backed Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC). 

Quantum Xchange is here to help.  Once again, we’ve created a useful and practical guide to help organizations navigate the three pillars of a successful PQC migration and architecture build: awareness, anticipation, advantage in our new eBook, The Great Crypto Migration.

The Quantum Revolution Rolls On

Quantum computing is likely to impact every facet of our society and every corner of the globe – and it will continue doing so in even greater measure. Similar to nuclear technology, its practical applications can generate immense progress for the benefit of many, but in the wrong hands, it can quickly become a threat to even great nations.

On World Quantum Day, it’s more important than ever for leaders, government agencies, and private companies to press their organizations toward a practical understanding of quantum computing and its ability to quickly destroy the encryption we rely on so immensely to protect our digital universe – yet take for granted. It’s equally important that they institute change management strategies that will prepare them for its promise while protecting them against its perils – sooner rather than later.  

Phio TX Solution Protects Today and Tomorrow

Our whole mission at Quantum Xchange is to be partners in preserving our digital world by developing real solutions that secure the future of data. That’s exactly what Phio TX does. It is a next-generation key distribution system to ensure your data and communication networks are protected against known vulnerabilities, future threats, and yet-to-be-discovered attack vectors.

Take action now. Build your defenses and enhance your existing crypto infrastructure today with Phio TX from Quantum Xchange. Take the product tour today!

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