Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020 from Industry Experts

Earlier in the decade, a cyber entrepreneur once described cybersecurity as a lot like Alice in Wonderland, run as fast as you can, only to stay in one place.  If you choose to stay ahead of the cyber criminal, you must run at least ten times faster. 

In a recent Forbes article, 114 industry professionals step forward to share their state-of-mind when it comes to cybersecurity defense and the future of emerging technologies like AI and quantum computing. The role of cybersecurity reaches everything, including our presidential elections, global cyber war, and personal information. 

While it’s not a good idea to sit idle and see what happens, it is important to understand the severity of the cyber threat and what needs to happen to manage it. There are a number of key cybersecurity players who already recognize the urgency to move quickly and identify targets, threats, and the skill shortage we face as a nation. 

“Quantum computers will advance far quicker than predicted, leaving enterprises scrambling to become quantum safe. By the end of 2020 it will be evident that RSA 2048 will be doomed in under 5 years when a nation state like China or the U.S. will have a quantum computer capable of decrypting current encryption paradigms”—John Prisco, President & CEO, Quantum Xchange

Read more from cybersecurity industry experts in the full article: 141 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2020



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