Meet the Network to Combat Quantum Encryption Threats

In a recent article from DataCenter Knowledge, writer Maria Korolov explores how today’s encryption methods are close to the end of their lifespan. As quantum computers make their debut, they promise to make existing encryption obsolete. 

In an interview with John Prisco, president, and CEO at Quantum Xchange, work is underway to create quantum-resistant encryption algorithms. Candidates are being reviewed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and according to Prisco, it will take three to five years to sort out those that are the most resistant to quantum computing.

Prisco went on to say, the US needs to play catch up on the world stage. In a step in the right direction, President Trump signed the National Quantum Initiative Act which includes $1.2 billion for quantum research. In the recent deployment of the country’s first commercial Quantum Key Distribution or QKD network in New York City, Quantum Xchange has partnered with a communications infrastructure provider to deploy the same technology across a 500 mile stretch from Washington DC to Boston. With about a dozen companies with pilot projects in place, Prisco expects to have them operational in the first quarter of this year.

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