Never Say You Have a Fully Funded Plan

In a recent interview with Authority Magazine’s, Jean Ginzburg takes the opportunity to learn more about President and CEO John Prisco of Quantum Xchange.  Ginzburg goes on to reveal Prisco’s backstory as second generation American from a blue collar family who developed a solid work ethic early in life. His commitment to the potential growth of cyberspace security continues to guide his career and success today.

Ginzburg asks about the official launch in June 2018 of the first dark fiber, Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) network in the United States. Prisco explains, with so many other companies in the security space, it’s often difficult to reach the over worked Chief Security Officer who is fielding calls from other companies doing similar things.  What’s different about the Quantum Xchange approach, is that for the first time the United States has tried something new to guard sensitive data and can rely on quantum physics to get the job done.

Quatum Xchange exclusively owns the distance enhancing Trusted Node technology developed by Battelle, which can extend the QKD range making large-scale QKD over long distances possible and practical. Prisco went on to explain that highly regulated and high risk organizations like banks, telecommunications, healthcare, and government are ideal candidates for Quantum Xchange’s distance enhancing QKD solution.

When asked what advice he would give other CEO’s to help their employees thrive, Prisco relied that it is important to give employees spirit and drive and to let them know their input counts.  In addition, Prisco says employees matter to the overall success of the company. As for his own success, Prisco continues to protect, detect, and prevent data breaches from making life altering changes.   

In the article, Prisco reveals five things he wished someone told him before he became CEO, including, “Never say you have fully funded plan. There is no such thing.” Another point he makes, your most important hire is always your most senior person responsible for sales and revenue. His advice, get an extraordinary SVP of Sales.

Read the full article: “Never Say You Have a Fully Funded Plan — This Is a Trap” with John Prisco


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