Phio TX: A Faster Take on Quantum Key Distribution

In a recent interview with Peter Ray Allison of Computer Weekly, Quantum Xchange CEO, John Prisco discusses the next generation in Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). As a form of protection against interception by quantum computers, QKD has technical limitations and a big price tag. The discussion goes on to talk about how trusted nodes could be the game changer for secure communications.

Phio TX consists of a quantum receiver linked to a quantum transmitter, which is housed in a secure boundary, designed to prevent tampering. Prisco revealed that in conjunction with ID Quantique, the next generation of QKD allows keys to be transmitted about 100km, but states that is not ideal for places like the United States. To improve the process, Quantum Xchange has teamed up with Battle Memorial Institute to develop a system of trusted exchanges. Phio TX receives and then retransmits the encrypted signal forward to the next Phio TX until it reaches the final destination.

Later in the interview, Prisco explains that if someone intended to break into a guarded facility and remove the cover of the transmitter, the secure memory tamper detection module would reveal the break in and every key stored inside Phio TX turns to zero. To break in, an intruder would have to guess the state of each proton and guess correctly a million times in a row.

The Phio network and Phio TX key management system is designed for ease of access and minimum disruption for companies who use it. Prisco commented that companies can continue to use existing security policies while the Phio network runs separate from their data network. Quantum Xchange plans to deploy the Phio fiber network technology across the country. 

Read the full article: Trusted nodes: The next generation in Quantum Key Distribution



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