Quantum Acts in the Holland Tunnel

This week in a Bloomberg BusinessWeek article Jeremy Kahn discusses what’s hiding in the Holland Tunnel. It’s not a mythical creature, but emerging quantum technology. While commuters inch along in rush hour traffic between Manhattan and New Jersey, the future of secure communication is being tested in fiber optic cables just outside the window.

With the use of fiber optic cables already in place, it is possible to harness the power to accommodate quantum key distribution or QKD. At each end of the fiber-optic line, QKD systems use a laser to fire data as weak pulses of light.  If the pulse is interrupted and doesn’t arrive at the endpoint, the sender and receiver know their data has been compromised.

As a leading player, Quantum Xchange has been utilizing the fiber-optic cable network since last fall. With an optimistic outlook, chief executive officer John Prisco says several large banks and asset firms are testing the QKD method to guard sensitive data, accounts, and algorithms. The work Prisco and his team have put in motion have set the stage for continued progress in the United States. While quantum computing gets more attention worldwide, countries like China, use armed guards to secure the 1,240-mile QKD network.  

Read the complete article: The Super-Secure Quantum Cable Hiding in the Holland Tunnel



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