Quantum Breakthrough To Protect Data Over Standard Telecom Networks

In an exclusive interview with Fortune,  Quantum Xchange’s CEO John Prisco discusses the technique of quantum key distribution (QKD) to help encrypt information for governments and businesses. This breakthrough technology helps keep nefarious actors from stealing critical information from high profile organizations.

According to Prisco, in the past, QKD could only be used in a fiber optic cable between two endpoints over a short distance. Now, the technology has expanded to transmit over any distance across standard telecom networks. It all started when unprecedented leaks from the US and concerns about telecommunication tampering in China brought public awareness of security breaches to the mainstream. The demand for more secure methods of transmitting encryption keys has sparked the interest of the world.

In an attempt to further secure data, new technology now specialized in a quantum encryptor is available in software, which had only been possible using dedicated hardware. The new key is transmitted between endpoints using a network pathway that is separate from the path used to transmit actual encoded data.  Prisco explains, “This creates triple work for any hacker.” He went on to say that an attacker must identify and hit both the data transmission pathways and the key transmission pathway and know how to synchronize the timing of both transmissions to decode the data. Recently introduced, Quantum Xchange’s new multi-point Phio TX system is being used a large telecommunications company to standardize encryption to accept quantum keys.

To learn more, read the full article: In Breakthrough, Company Uses Quantum Physics To Protect Data Over Standard Telecom Networks



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