Quantum Communication: U.S. vs. China

In a recent article, GCN article, Quantum Xchange CEO, John Prisco delivers an intriguing industry insight on how quantum communications can support the U.S. in keeping the Chinese at bay. The next wave of computing will be quantum-based which means cybersecurity must be proactive and not reactive to the change.

Technology giants, along with startups have begun the push to test quantum machines for efficacy in the mainstream. Prisco adds that the government has established labs to put quantum computers to practical use. In fact, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been hard at work for years to study the implications of quantum cryptography.

Prisco points out a prime example of a threat to national security around the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei. While quantum communications continue to encounter hurdles along the way, it is clear that technology leaders must step up sooner rather than later to get ahead of the curve. It’s time to take quantum communication infrastructure seriously to avoid future threats to this country’s networks.

Take in the full impact of this article on GCN: How quantum communications can support US in fending off Chinese 5G snooping



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