Technado Interview with Quantum Xchange CEO John Prisco

Cybersecurity was the hot topic in a recent interview conducted by Technado’s Peter VanRysdam and Don Pizzette with Quantum Xchange CEO, John Prisco. The conversation delves into encryption keys in transit and the process behind it.

As the first quantum communication network in the United States, Quantum Xchange is a commercial fiber-optic network that transmits quantum keys between Boston and Washington DC. In addition, the infrastructure and the service are managed to provide future-proof encryption and prevent quantum computers from being able to decrypt secret keys used for sensitive data.

When asked about the impact on current encryption protocols, Prisco agreed we are in a danger zone because nefarious actors continue to harvest and steal valuable data along with the classical encryption keys. Once quantum computers can break the classical encryption keys, any sensitive document will become vulnerable.

Prisco goes on to explain, the Quantum Xchange network is basically a separate overlay network that doesn’t get involved with actual data at all. In fact, transmitting only the keys makes the network reliable.

Watch the full interview: Technado Interview with John Prisco



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