The Unhackable Quantum Network is Coming to the US

In an article from MIT Technology Review, Martin Giles shares signs of progress when it comes to securing our personal and professional data. His piece begins back a few years ago when a famous hacker revealed intelligence agencies were spying on our personal and professional data using fiber optic cables.

With signs of progress on the horizon, Giles talks about the role Quantum Xchange plays to develop the first ever quantum key distribution (QKD) network along the East coast. This stretch of fiber-optic cable will be the country’s first attempt to apply a QKD network to prevent future hacks.

There are challenges to sending quantum keys over long distances.  However, Quantum Xchange has a solution called trusted exchanges via Phio TX. Similar to repeaters that boost signals in standard data cable, trusted exchanges via Phio TX works on the same concept. Within the fiber optic cable, Phio TX will decrypt keys into classical bits then back to a quantum state for onward transmission.

Initially, the first step is to connect New York City to New Jersey to improve relations between the business hub of Manhattan to the data centers outside the city. Eventually, the network will extend from Boston to Washington DC.

Read more about quantum teleportation in the full article: The US pushes to build unhackable quantum networks



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